Distress Signals

I want to share a little of my story.

At the age of 28, my life was falling apart. My marriage was in shambles. My children were being torn between 2 parents who were constantly fighting and wounding each other. I had moved back to live with my parents because it was unhealthy for my wife and me to even be in the same house together. I was depressed beyond anything I had ever felt, to the point there were mornings that I didn’t even want to get out of bed. It was the darkest time of my life.

There finally came a day (May 24, 2009) that I woke up and was completely overwhelmed by my circumstances. I felt as if the weight of everything going on around me was crushing my very soul. I found myself lying on the floor in the living room of my childhood home.

This same living room, where my siblings and I ran to as kids on Christmas morning to see what presents were under the tree, where I had celebrated birthdays with family and friends, where so many joyous memories had been made, was now a place where I found myself crumpled over in tears, wondering if this was really it.

So I cried out to the Lord at that moment and I said, “God if you are real and can hear me, I need a miracle.”

Even though I knew I hadn’t talked to him in a long time, and I felt as if he had no reason to even acknowledge my request, I saw nowhere else to turn to at that moment.

Let me ask you all something today…….

Have you ever found yourself there?

Perhaps your insecurities about yourself have made you tear others down for your benefit, but now you find yourself alone and isolated?

Maybe you have been in a relationship with someone that you viewed as an object for your own happiness, wounding their heart and soul to the point they left you and now you feel completely lost without them?

Are you a parent who has been stressed about, “How am I gonna put food on the table?” or “I have no idea how we are gonna make this month’s rent.” And because of that stress, you have been taking out your frustrations on your kids, crushing their little hearts under the weight of your angst?

Are you reading this, completely exhausted with trying to put on your “perfect” Christian mask for all of your friends to see, hoping that they won’t find out about that secret sin that ravages your soul every time you find yourself alone at home?

Do you constantly feel as if the life you always envisioned living, took a wrong turn somewhere down the road of your poor choices, and you’re now destined to stay in this place of unfulfillment and despair?

Does anybody here know what I am talking about? Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the consequences of your choices that you feel as if you have gone too far to even try and make them right?

That was exactly where I found myself in that painful moment on the living room floor. I was completely overwhelmed and overtaken by the desperation of the moment. I needed someone to rescue me.

And the crazy thing is I heard God answer…

Over the years, I have been encouraged by the story of Jonah. Yes…..that Jonah, the fish guy.

I know what your thinking. “What does getting eaten by a fish have to do with any of this?”

My hope is that over the next couple of blog posts, I will be able to share how Jonah’s story and my story share many similarities and encourage you with this simple truth:

There is no length that God will not go to rescue those in distress.


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